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7600 Bayshore Drive, Unit # 1001, Treasure Island, FL: $675,000:  Staged Early this year, this investor raised his planned asking price over $65,000 after he say it staged. It sold after only live on MLS for 2 weeks for Full Price/ Cash and closed in February. This building is quite old and dated and historically has experienced very slow selling times.

101 S. Gulfstream, Unit 6-A, Sarasota, Dolphin Shores Condo: $369,000: This condo building had suffered some devastating bad press and is still being remodeled. There have been over 24 units sitting unsuccessfully on the market, many from 18-24 months. We staged this unit. It sold for OVER FULL price in 5 DAYS to first person who toured it. It sold for CASH and closed 2 weeks later!

6718 Pirate Perch, Lakewood Ranch: Listed at $449,900.00 this home just went under contract in record time after we staged it this winter. It is located in an area of Lakewood Ranch that has HEAVY COMPETITION for sales recently. It was listed on ZILLOW as the number one property in this area for “BUYER SAVES”, due to our staging efforts!

2980 17th Ave. NW, Bradenton, FL: We just staged this investor rehab property in late March and in less than 24 HOURS after it went live on MLS it SOLD!! Unfortunately, financing just fell through for the buyer so this house is going back on the market this week.

3297 Woodmont Drive, Sarasota: $235,000. We staged this inexpensive 1978 un-remodeled house in January and it went live on MLS on late Thursday afternoon. By the same time on following day it had sold for CASH/ Full Price with a 2 week closing!

610 Limona Woods, Brandon, FL: This home sat unsuccessfully on the R.E market for over 8 months until we staged it in late February. It sold in less than 10 days for more than the sellers hoped and is already closed!

617 Albrittin Ave., Sarasota, FL: $286,000: This investor rehab was staged in late February and sold and closed quickly for top dollar.

14438 Sun Dial Place, Lakewood Ranch: Staged as a new listing it went into a bidding war and sold in 4 days for cash, $10,000 OVER FULL PRICE. The realtor who brought in the buyers called us 2 weeks after it closed to tell me that while he had never believed in staging, after watching his buyers spend over $650,000 for a house STRICTLY BECAUSE OF THE GREAT STAGING, we had made a believer out of him and he would never try to sell a property again without having us stage it for him. He said it was an amazing experience to watch first hand!

2936 Jeff Myers Circle, Sarasota: This almost $900,000 home is situated in a historically very slow selling neighborhood and at this price range, sales generally take a while; however, we staged this house and 2 weeks after it went live on MLS it sold and is pending closing in 3 weeks!

3202 Georgetown Circle: This house is situated in a historically slow moving neighborhood and had lots of competition. This house was older, not upgraded or updated except for the kitchen and its condition poor. It sold in less than a week after staging!

101 Fieldstone, Venus Golf and Country Club: This house sat unsuccessful on the market for over 9 months with over 60 showings and NO offers. We staged it and it sold in less than one week!

5459 Creeping Hammock, Sarasota: After staging this house it received 3-full priced offers the first week!

4685 Claremont Drive, Bradenton: This home sat vacant 3 months with hardly any showings, though a fairly new home with new cabinetry, granite, upgrades, etc. We staged it and it sold in 2 weeks!

432 Park Trace, Osprey: This $600,000 property was a listed a bit over the comps but sold in less than 4 weeks after we staged it without any price reductions!

109 Butler Road, Brandon, FL: This property was in poor condition and extremely outdated, but it sold less than 2 weeks after we staged it!

8307 County Park Way, Sarasota, FL: This house sat vacant 2 months before we staged it with little showing activity but not only did the activity jump to full gear, it also sold within 2-3 weeks.

814 NW 89th Court, Bradenton: This property had been sitting unsuccessfully on the market 8 months in a very dead market for the “over $700,000” range this summer. We staged it and it sold for top dollar in less than 2 months!

Lem Simmons, Thonotosassa: Staged this low end extremely outdated home and it went into a 10-way bidding war and sold for over $10,000 OVER full price in 4 days!!

Scenic Hills, Lakeland: Staged this low end outdated home late fall, 2016 and it went into a 4-way bidding war, selling for $9,000 over full price in 2 DAYS!

4901 Hidden Oaks Trail, Sarasota: This house had been sitting unsuccessfully on market over 8 months and was no longer pulling in showings. We staged it and it pulled in over 30 showings in 28 days and 2 offers, one was the Selling offer!

7367 Stacy Lane, Sarasota: Placed on market the end of October of this year for $615,000 after we staged it. This house, built in 1984, still had its original unpopular pickled cabinetry, Corian countertops, original plumbing, etc. and was very outdated in the highly competitive market of Seronoa Golf and Country Club. This house sold in less than 3 weeks and has already closed!

15612 Levin Links Place, Lakewood Ranch, FL: This house had been on the market for over 9-11 months VACANT and after we staged it, it also sold and closed quickly. This area of Lakewood Ranch currently is experiencing extremely slow sales.

9206 McDaniels Lane, The Founders Club, Sarasota, FL: This house had sat vacant on the market for over a year prior to being staged. It had not been updated and considered by realtor to be a very hard house to market. It sold soon after we staged it.

9603 25th Street East, Parrish, FL: $1,800,000 home sat VACANT unsuccessfully on the market for almost a year with only 8 showings in a year. It is an amazing property sitting on over 5 acres of the Manatee River. According to the listing agent, every looker said the same thing: “The house is cold and impersonal and I really do not like it.” NonStop Staging staged it and the realtor says not only have her showing more than doubled, we have single handedly been responsible for effecting 4 offers. One of the offers came from one of the buyers who originally toured the home as a new listing, disliked it immensely, was finally convinced to come back and take a look at it staged!

Symphony Isle, Apollo Beach Direct Bay front house: 5,000 sq. ft. listed for $1,200,000. House had been unsuccessfully on market several months before we moved in. It only took 4 SHOWINGS TO AFFECT A FULL-PRICE CASH OFFER! The buyers asked to purchase our furnishings as well.

319 Tanager Cove Lakewood Ranch: Staged as a new listing this house was staged and sold in 5 DAYS!